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Your children and the kids in the neighborhood deserve the safety of a pool fence around your swimming pool. And swimming pool safety fences don’t cost all that much. In fact, for very little money, you can have a very pleasing pool fences installed by our expert contractors.

We will be pleased to visit you, take a look at your pool and review what you need for a pool deck and fence to protect all children from the risk of drowning and keep animals from wandering into your pool.

Contact Royal Fence AZ, and we will give you a free estimate to build your child safety swimming pool fence and deck.

Swimming pool child safety information

WARNING: According to the American Institute for Preventive Medicine, drowning is the fourth leading cause of accidental death in the USA. One-third of the 4000 annual deaths are children under the age of 14. The Foundation for Aquatic Injury Prevention adds that around 5000 children 14 years old and under must be hospitalized annually due to near-drownings; sadly 15 percent die in the hospital and an estimated 20 percent suffer permanent neurological disability. Yes, even those who survive are often not the same happy children they were before. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warns parents to saty alert – a child can drown in the time it takes to answer the phone. Child pool safety is serious business. Phoenix parents and pool owners should take a moment to read these tips for child swimming pool safety from the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS:

– Never leave your children alone in or near the pool, even for a moment. An adult who knows CPR should actively supervise children at all times.
– Practice touch supervision with children younger than 5 years. This means that the adult is within an arm’s length of the child at all times.
– You must put up a fence to separate your house from the pool. Most young children who drown in pools wander out of the house and fall into the pool. Install a fence at least 4 feet high around all 4 sides of the pool. This fence will completely separate the pool from the house and play area of the yard. Use gates that self-close and self-latch, with latches higher than your children’s reach.
– Keep rescue equipment (such as a shepherd’s hook or life preserver) and a telephone by the pool.
– Do not use air-filled “swimming aids” as a substitute for approved life vests.
– Remove all toys from the pool after use so children aren’t tempted to reach for them. (How many people egt lazy and forget thbis one?)
– After the children are done swimming, secure the pool so they can’t get back into it.
– A power safety cover that meets the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) may add to the protection of your children but should not be used in place of the fence between your house and the pool. Even fencing around your pool and using a power safety cover will not prevent all drownings.

Swimming Pool Fence Products from Royal Fence AZ

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Protect Your Child and Neighbors

An outdoor swimming pool barrier is a physical obstacle that surrounds a pool or spa so that access to the water is limited to adults.

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No Project Too Big

Our Pool Safely campaign emphasizes the importance of installing barriers as you adopt water safety steps for residential and public pools and spas. An outdoor swimming pool barrier is a physical obstacle that surrounds an outdoor pool or spa so that access to the water is limited to adults. A successful pool barrier prevents a child from getting over, under or through it to gain access to the pool or spa. Another benefit of barriers is they give parents additional time to locate a child before the unexpected becomes a reality. Barriers commonly include a fence, wall or gate.

Sales, Royal Fence AZ: (480) 740-4498